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Rose Roque

Rose Roque was born in Quezon City, Philippines in 1988. She immigrated with her family from her home country to Los Angeles in 1999 and became a U.S. citizen more than a decade after.


She interned for the Los Angeles Mayor in 2005 and worked in several successful political campaigns. She trained in Culinary Arts and earned a degree in Political Science with an International Affairs concentration from University of California in Riverside. She studied photography under Peter Holzhauer, a Los Angeles-based photographer. She, then, pursued a career in Real Estate and became a California-licensed sales agent in 2018.


In Los Angeles, her creativity blossomed in diverse modalities— poetry, culinary arts, real estate remodels, photography, and painting.

She is a proud partner to a musician, Marine Veteran and current Army SSG Bobby Riley who served two tours in Afghanistan. Together they are blending families by raising 4 children: Brentley (11), Maxx (9), Alexa (9), and Kyelynn (8).

Rose creates predominantly acrylic abstract paintings with her daughter Alexa Bruckback, who is also an abstract painter and a poet in her own right, in their home studio in North Oakland. Both She and Alexa had a successful month-long art exhibition in July 2023 at the historic San Francisco Women Artists organization whose founders helped Frida Kahlo launch her first solo exhibit welcomed her as a member.


She maintains a friendship with Mikey Kettinger, a San Diego conceptual pop artist, and Dariush Nehdaran, an internationally renowned fine art photographer, who both guide her in her artistic journey.


Her works thus far are inspired by painful experiences, politics, meditation visions, travels and celestial bodies. 

Her painting called "Space Balloon (Pulsar)" was recognized in the Abstract and Portrait Art Group with more than three thousand members, while her collaboration with Alexa called "We Are In This Together" was featured in the Abstract Artists Gallery. Her works continue to garner much praise from abstract painters worldwide.

A significant amount of her paintings are collected by people around the world— most notably in the United States, Italy, England, Canada, and Philippines.

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I'm running a clean company. If you're a scammer, stay away or I'll make a portrait with your face on it and title it "Scammer".
You will forever be known as a scammer for the rest of human history. You've been warned.

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