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Poems by Rose

The Rose


The delicate petal
Leaks with lust,
Dripping with drops
Of blood
Drawn from men
Who dared to become,
Who dared to harm
The thorned Rose.

Hold her gently
And caress with care,
The wild rose will reveal
Her golden nectar
As she spreads her Self:
Intoxicating scent you taste
Invites you in
To pluck her
For yours to keep.


The Wave

You came to me like a wave
Washing my worries away
Slowly wandered an ocean wide
And lapped the boulders Bay
On my skin refreshing spray

You dribbled down onto the soft sand
Offering jewels from sapphire sea
That adorned the ground where I stand
And hummed a soft lullaby on key
Beneath the wide open sky so free

You delicately caressed my warm being
Guiding me gently to your powerful core
Entranced and enveloped I followed unseeing
That triumphantly led me straight offshore
I forcefully swam with immense vigor

Deep in your depth I felt you pulsating
With life that transcends space and time
Love in all dimensions communicating
Your complexity and majesty so sublime
Polluting you would be a serious crime

With one assertive push you exhaled
Sending me tumbling back to dry land
Rubbed my raw eyes and then inhaled
As you evaporated out of my hand
In your place glistening rocks on a band



Like a lifeless machine,
l am a slave
To society nurtured by Greed,
Whose limitless power is fueled
By countless wealth
Through our collective sweat and blood;
He blinds us with false dreams
Of upward mobility for all,
Only to be woken up
By his screeching spy Clock,
Whose omniscient face invades
All aspects of our limited lives;
Try as we may to escape
By migrating to what once was haven,
Greed's claws transformed the sacred place
Into its mirror image,
Luring more unsuspecting victims
And transforming them
Into lifeless machines.






Empty Can

Like empty can my heart echoes,
From lack of tangible emotions,
Nothing left
Just sweet, fading memories
That cling to slippery surface.
On the edge rusting pain,
Ready to slice at first chance,
Forcing one to feel woes, tools for education.
Around the hollow jacket of experiences,
Portraying tattered, triumphs in fading print.
With salty tears the binding faith loosens,
Melting the meticulous façade.
Underneath, a sticky surface,
Devoid of emotions
That mimics the one inside.


Five Senses of Love

The taste of his dimpled smile
Lingers on my lips,
Like sweet ambrosia;
Against my throat,
It dances graceful swirls,
Arousing dormant senses--
Pure ecstasy!

Behind angelic smiles,
Rests voice so melodic-.
Rich, rustic Romano;
Tumultuous nights no more
When his lullaby begins,
For he's one and only
Il mio cantante.

His Herculean arm
Ensnares my thighs,
Allowing me to experience
His Mediterranean skin,
Like delicate rose petals
Gently kissed by morning star
Of his motherland.

His other marble arm
Cradles my head
As I gaze at his eyes,
Like golden snowflakes
Shimmering inside emerald gems;
So communicative,
No words necessary.

I close my own
Knowing I'm not alone,
For his potent, intoxicating scent
Will always remain,
Like spicy, sensual cinnamon
Mixed with muted musk,

He will never fade.


To the One for Me

To the one for me:
Whoever you may be,
I hope to meet you soon,
Our moment opportune,
For my heart's ready now,
As my mind, too-- I avow.

If met we have in the past,
Then you'll see the contrast:
Immaturity I did erase,
As womanhood I embrace,
Test my claim, I dare you,
For my love will prove true.


Loss of Innocence

Trouble in paradise brought her
Crashing down without notice
To a cell made of gilded skin
Trapping her for years to come

Innocent she was to life below
Where on an island she waited
For her satyr's music to begin
Beckoning her to come at last

Sweet melody finally played
That locked her in a trance
No vision was necessary
For her hymn-guided heart

As she came near the sound
Others of her kind she felt
In a trance they were as well
Their hymn-guided hearts

Dismayed she became
From her painful realization
That her satyr was not hers
And she was caught by the lure



Slumber, my eternal solace,
From pains of life, I run to you;
Cover my eyes with limitless possibility
And shroud me in your cloak of authority.

With your presence so powerful,
I beg you to numb my tortured heart
And summon images of heightened euphoria
From past experiences I cherish dearly.

As you warn me of dangers to come,
Avenge my unjust treatment
With deeply rooted torments in minds
Of those who dared to wrong me.

When the Angel finally makes his presence known,
Aid him please with your gentle hands,
So that he can make a painless delivery
Of my battered heart quickly.


Lonely Heart

The lonely heart beats
Despite her love lost
In its place determination
But never-ending devotion
To move past in time
Only goal
The lonely heart beats
No matter what



The muse finally arrived
From a long vacation
Guiding the plume and heart
Tools for the creation
Her presence made known
Through powerful dreams
Forcing her charge
To write despite of slumber's lure
At last



Pulse beating
Blood rushing
My frail body feels

Cold hand of Destiny
Attempts to grab
What's not his

Fight the child did
For such opportunity
And futureless he was

Anger he didn't have
His life he controls
Pity you all!







Oh, the agony trapped in me!
When instinct succumbs to morality,
Which restricts the heart from basking
In sheer ecstasy of possibilities.
An end to this must occur immediately,
But, alas! I question common methodology
When what I treasure is at risk,
Versus the gamble that is.



Control I must from suggestion
My dignity I should still treasure
Yet my limit remains in question
When 'yes' is no doubt pleasure
Beyond any means of measure

Too soon I harp once more
For weeks of two we met
Wait you must I do implore
No reason for your upset
With me you won't regret

Challenge this is directly to you
For simple act is easy to obtain
Purpose must be proven true
And not just simply mundane
This I must say in pure pain

If patience you can't master
Then my apology I now give
But this can't be any faster
For failure I refuse to relive
My suitors I carefully sieve

Door is open that you know
Need not your presence here
Though I like I must be slow
These words me so sincere
Hope I do that it comes clear


Butterfly Life

Men, heed to my advice:
Life's much like a butterfly's,
From infancy, our only task--
Feed, wander, and simply bask,
Yet when years of transition dawn,
It might seem luck's foregone;
Alas! Adulthood reveals prime,
When wings open just on time.



Recluse they think she was
Not knowing she sees
Every deceit en masse
That plagues society, disease
Contentment she owns, what is.



Galatea indeed is he
Vision of her thoughts, see
Never knew it is possible
For mere thought's improbable

Azure eyes, she dreams
Deep as ocean blue that beams
Calms the soul in need
Banishes others, take heed

Amalgam of the finest is he
Her preference's epitome
Western world combined
With natives maligned

Physical beauty disappears
When one reaches midyears
Depend not on wealth, too
"To thine own self be true"


Invisible Hand

In the mall I saw
Something shiny that left me in awe;
I bought it in a heartbeat for I knew
That I can't bid it adieu.

A. specter Smith appeared to me,
And said to let the craving be;
It's this society that keeps you buying,
And making the presidents go running.


Time Heals

Time heals, that's what they say
Though I want to agree, it's hard to do;
My mangled heart heaves still
From the pain you inflicted to your "most dear".

But don't worry, I can reciprocate
What you gave to me, I will return:
Mental destruction- emotional, too,
Just so we're equal and nothing more to pursue.

Time heals, that's what they say
Now, I know it is true
My mangled heart beats again
With promising possibilities from men so near.

Anger, I no longer have,
Just the deep understanding
That comes when time heals
All wounds-- even from her most dear.



Procrastination, my backstabbing friend,
You lure me away from responsibilities,
With your interesting and fun activities,
Like countless hours we spent on Facebook,
Or impromptu roadtrips just to have a look,
Any other task's okay just for time misspent

Procrastination, my backstabbing friend,
My countless deadlines are soon to come,
Perhaps you're expecting me to succumb,
But alas! Are you forgetting who I am?
In my veins it flows, I am Queen of Cram,
Mere minutes all it takes until I click "SEND"


Confession of Guilt

Mr. Police Man, please arrest me
I'm walking on the streets
In slow motion, everyone
Hyped multi-color, everything

Officer, Sir, slap the cuffs on
My mind's been buzzing
Birds are singing just for me
As smiles are all I see

Doctor, don't bother treating
I'll go back to my fix
Addicted I am as it is
To his kiss that did this.


I love you from a distance


I love you from a distance
An ocean's length to be exact
Seven years of Our existence
Many experiences unpacked
Whenever We made contact

From painful childhood traumas
To various unsuccessful dates
And career-oriented dramas
We sure became "good mates"
Now what's next for Us awaits

For now let's keep debating:
History, politics, education,
Real estate, skateboarding,
Tits, dicks, butts, fornication
And watch BBC on television

Seven months you say you'll come
To spend Your Time with Me
Please keep Your Promise, Tom
We've waited long enough, see
So what is it gonna be?

I love you from a distance
And I'll love you from near
No matter what hindrance
I am nothing but sincere
Because You are so Dear.


Mr. P.

A poem about my dog that personifies him:

Winter time you came to my door
And left gifts all over the floor
Never expected much from you
Guess I just have to make do

That night you showed vulnerability
With brown eyes that screamed compatibility
Hair so soft I can't resist it
Gotta touch bit by bit

Birthdays passed we're still together
It had to be you and none other
Compassion and happiness you brought out of me
Love me still is the plea

Early mornings you come to my bed
Checks from feet to my head
Wet kisses and soft nudges you give
I need you always to live

Physical pain when we argue
When you try for another venue
Sometimes I find it hard to bear
When you try to be everywhere

Two weeks left I'll be going
I don't expect you to be moping
But when I return you better be
By the door still waiting for me

Oh Mr. P.
How I love thee!



Found each other on Facebook
Hard to get unhooked
Both from Los Angeles area
Dorming together, hell ya!

Russian actress, in the making
But in America, she will be staying
Forty, double D, her size
No one can top that prize!

The other is Filipina
When you see hers, you would wanna
Smaller, her thirty-eight D may be
But she will bring you to your knee!

Bitches of UCR, look out!
These girls will make you pout
Brains, talents, and curves are their package
So, better leave now with your luggage!


Ratatouille-Inspired Poem

Under Paris streets he was raised
To avoid humans at all cost,
Rotten grub, the colony crazed,
But Remy just felt so lost
When taste he treasures most.

Chance of a lifetime came to him
When into his idol's kitchen he fell,
Bright Michelin stars are now in dim
By Ego's comment that killed Chef well,
As assistant plans to commercial sell.

Inside Linguini's hat he made magic:
Blends of spices and herbs, all without aid,
For Gusteau's son's cooking is tragic,
His biggest danger is kitchen blade,
But with the two, food is heaven-made.

"Anyone can cook," so the moral goes,
With just enough courage and passion
Mistakes in kitchen need not be woes,
For paced practice is absolute solution
To make Culinary Arts' ultimate concoction.

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