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Alexa Bruckback

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Alexa Bruckback was born in Oakland, California in 2014. She creates acrylic abstract paintings with her mother Rose Roque in their North Oakland home. At school, she receives guidance from her art teacher Lucy Ames for the last three years. She is related to prominent artists Tim Armstrong (Temporary Art) and Joseph M. Sánchez (Indian-theme Abstract). Her grandfather Josef Bruckback was also previously a watercolorist.

Her collaboration with her mother called "We Are In This Together" was featured in the Abstract Artists Gallery, while her art contest entry called "The Birth of a Star" received recognition from NASA. Her work continues to earn praises from abstract artists worldwide.

A significant amount of her paintings are collected by people around the world— most notably in the United States, Canada, Austria and Australia.

Besides painting, Alexa spends her time doing gymnastics, fencing, and learning how to play harp.

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